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Success Stories

Name: Asma Khatun

Address: Village: Ram Nagar
Post office: Chorpara
Thana: Ishhorgonj
District: Mymensingh
Contact No:

  • 01761434218 (Husband),
  • 01941779079 (Brother)

Asma Khatun, is a physically challenged woman who comes from Mymensingh district. When she was only 7 months’, she suffered from polio. After then, she has problem in her left leg. Now, she is married and has 2 sons. Her husband is an Auto rickshaw Driver. Asma has a sister-in-law, who works in a Garment Factory. After her marriage, she found that when her sister-in-law comes home, everybody is very happy and also she could take part in decision making. Asma always felt dipressed and thought; if she was an able bodied person, she could work to earn money and contribute to her family.

She came to know about CRP’s training facilities from “National Disabled Institution”. Then she enrolled in the ‘Tesco Sewing Machine operator Training’. After completing the training successfully she was interviewed and selected by the ‘DIRD Group’, Satiabari, Shreepur. She joined there on 15th March, 2017.Now her family is so happy because Asma is earning and supporting her family.

Asma says:
“No one ever believed, I will earn some day. Even I never imagined. Now I am very happy and wish to educate my sons.”

Name: Mst. Shapla
Address: Rajashon, Nirmol Market, Savar, Dhaka.
Contact no: 01924243632

Shapla, is a young disabled woman living in Savar with her parents, brother and sister. Her left leg become weak when she was eight years old. She received treatment from local doctors and a traditional healer. Most of the people in the community in which Shapla lives are poor and illeterate. They believe that Shapla’s disability is the result of sins of her parents.

Shapla is fortunate in that her family and friends are very supportive and understanding. In 2016, she came to know about CRP’s vocational trainings through a renowned newspaper ‘Prothom Alo’. She enrolled in a 2 months industrial sewing machine operator training under ‘Marks and Start Project’.

After the training, she got a job in ‘Aman Graphics’ by the help of CRP. But she could not continue her job due to some physical problems she was facing in the garments factory. After 28 days, she was bound to leave her job. She wanted to be independent and started to look for other options. She contacted to CRP’s vocational training institute and learned abou the Skill Development and Economic Empowerment of the Persons with Disabilities (SDEEP) project funded by ILO at CRP. She received shop management training under this project and started a grocery shop beside her house. later she also received grocery items worth fifteen thousand taka from SDEEP project. On average per month Shapla earns six thousand taka. These supports from SDEEP project have changed Shapla’s life. Shapla became more confident as she is trying to upgrade her business.

Story of Fatema Akter

Fatema Akter, a 36 year old woman, is working as a Quality Inspector for Interfab Shirt Manufacturing Limited in Tongi. She has two children, but now lives alone near her workplace.

20 years ago, the picture was completely different. Fatema had a happy family. Her husband was a farmer and they lived in Sherpur. One day in 1998, the family was travelling by bus to visit a relative’s house. Her son was five and her daughter was only three at the time. Suddenly the bus collided with another bus coming from the opposite direction. She can remember people screaming around her. After she regained consciousness, she found herself in Mymensingh Medical College and Hospital. The doctors found her with several injuries but the condition of her left leg was worse. Her husband took care of her at the hospital. After two months of treatment, the doctors suggested amputating her injured leg, which she agreed to. When she lost her leg, Fatema lost her family too. Not only did her husband stop providing all support but also took the children away from her. He remarried and started a new life with no consideration for Fatema and her future.

Fatema came to CRP and received treatment and therapeutic services for seven months. She then returned to her mother, who was living with her brother’s family after Fatema’s father died. Fatema was a burden to the family and was becoming more and more frustrated day by day. She began to think that it might have been better if she had died in that accident. One day she learned about the training programmes of CRP and came back to CRP in 2006. She received training in industrial sewing machine operation under the Marks and Start project and joined as an Operating Helper at Interfab Shirt Manufacturing Limited.

Meanwhile, her children were getting older. She was in contact with her son and daughter. She learned that her daughter is married and that she is also continuing with her studies. Her son is studying at Khulna Medical College and will soon become a doctor. Sometimes she sends money to her children. Fatema is self-sufficient now. Her mother loves her a lot and Fatema participates in decision making regarding important family matters. Though she hasn’t remarried, she is happy with her life and wants to see her son established and her daughter happily living with her family.

Fatema said that Marks and Start and CRP changed her life completely. She never imagined that she would be the person she is today. She can move independently as CRP provided her with a prosthetic leg during her training period. Marks and Spencer, through its Marks and Start project at CRP, helped her to start a new life and become fully self-reliant. She is grateful to CRP and Marks and Start for all the support she has received from them.

Name: Bhabani Saha
Address: Village: Rajnagar
Thana: Meherpur Sadar, District: Meherpur.
Contact no: 01730171785

Bhabani, is a 38 years old woman with disability with her left leg amputation. She lives with her elder brother in Meherpur District. A few years back, she was diagnosed with cancer and took treatment in India and the doctors amputated her left leg. After she came to CRP she was assessed and given a pair of axillary crutch. She wanted to be an independent person in the society.

At the time of her treatment in CRP, she heard about vocational training. She received Shop Management training from CRP under Skill Development and Economic Empowerment of the Persons with Disabilities (SDEEP) project. Returning home she started a small grocery shop in her village. She is very optimistic and was committed to do better in life.
She received grocery items worth fifteen thousand taka from CRP under the SDEEP project. A local newspaper published an article on this support. She earns seven thousand taka monthly. Initially she faced many problems but gradually manging to run her shop successfully.

“Going to work used to be very difficult for me and I always needed to depend on others. Now I can manage my business alone. I can also participate in various social events. My family is very happy as well!” Says Bhabani.

Name: Reshma Akter
Address: Village: Purbo Kandail
Post office: Joyka
Thana: Karimgonj
District: Kishorgonj
Contact No: 01912840801 (Brother)

Reshma Akter, is a young woman with disabilities. When she was very young she suffered from typhoid and had some problem in her leg. She has 2 brothers and 3 sisters but now she lives with her mother and younger sister.
When she was staying as a patient in CRP, she heard about the TESCO Sewing Machine Operator Training. She started her training in December, 2016. Recently she got a job at ”ABONI KNIT WEAR LTD”.

In her word, “I am so happy to have a job. I think it is a great achievement in my life.”