VTI Projects

Marks and Start Project:

The Marks and Start project provides skill development training to physically challenged women and ensures their job in Ready Made Garments. CRP is running this project with the support of Marks and Spencer and their Bangladeshi suppliers. Under this project, more than 1800 physically challenged women have been trained and now they are working in 73 Garments factories in Bangladesh.
Project period: April 2006 to till date.

TESCO Project:

Since its inception in 1979 CRP is devoted to ensuring rehabilitation services for people with spinal cord injuries and disabilities. To facilitate livelihood initiatives and successful mainstream inclusion CRP also offers vocational skill development training for persons with disabilities to train them as a skilled workforce, to ensure their job placement, and to encourage them to be self-employed and to improve their socio-economic status. In the journey of the development of Bangladesh, the apparel sector (RMGs) has been contributing to many indicators to do the betterment of the socio-economic status of the country and RMGs become the largest job sectors. Approximately 70% of workers in this sector are women that ensure their participation and empowerment in the macro-finance in Bangladesh. CRP believes that people with disabilities also have the capacity to be a workforce in the RMGs if they get training. From 2014 CRP has had two phases of TESCO training projects for people with disabilities. With reference to the last two-phase of TESCO projects, a total of 172 trainees were graduated in the industrial sewing machine operator course and CRP had ensured their jobs in the RMG factories. The job helps them to decrease their economic hardship, to be empowered, and to ensure the inclusion in mainstream society.

Project Aims :

    To reintegrate people with disabilities & underprivileged in the mainstreaming society through skill development training and empowerment.

Objectives :

  • To offer skill development training for people with disabilities & underprivileged;
  • To ensure job placement and self-employment for people with disabilities & underprivileged;
  • To ensure empowerment of the girls and women with disabilities;
  • To improve the socio-economic status of people with disabilities;
  • To upscale collaboration with national and international stakeholders for increasing opportunities towards people
    with disabilities.

Project Period: March 2020 to February 2023.

 BSRM-CRP Vocational Training Facilities for Persons with Disabilities:

This is the 5th phase of the project funded by the Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills (BSRM) foundation. This year the BSRM Foundation will provide Taka 1.5 million for the Vocational Training and Rehabilitation support costs of 30 persons with disabilities. The following trade courses included in this project are Computer Office Application, Electronics Repair, Shop Management, and Dress Making and Tailoring.

Project Period: January 2020 to December 2020.